Hello there!

My name is Michael (he/him), and I live in Fort Collins, Colorado. I'm a seasoned business professional with over a decade of experience in Operations, Marketing, Customer Success, and Account Management. I'm also a self-published tabletop role-playing game author! Among my accomplishments, I have a proven track record of overseeing account operations from my time at a fast-growing e-commerce company, was the Director of Operations and Film Buyer at an art-house movie theatre, and have run successful Kickstarter crowdfunding campaigns for both work and my gaming hobby! I have a diverse range of skills that allow me to take on any challenge that comes my way.

My MBA from Colorado State University has also given me a strong foundation in strategic thinking, problem-solving, and leadership. I've been able to apply these skills to the real world on a daily basis, whether I'm developing and executing strategic plans, collaborating with other teams, or building strong relationships with external partners. My ideal position would be somewhere where I can help to to drive growth, improve processes, and make a real impact.

When I'm not working or creating games, I enjoy traveling, playing pickleball, savoring a craft beer, or simply spending time with my friends, partner, family, and two dogs.